Cry of the beast

Live not in any fantasy,
For thou shall only get
What’s in your destiny

The heavens seek your forbearance
Thy heart, thy dreams still forbidden
For this is thee period of penance

Hold onto your faith as
I give you, the Holy Stigmata
Let the blood flow
For it won’t go in vain

The beast bore the brunt
Not a grimmace on his face
For he’d truly become
A Beast of Burden

Someday, fate will be kind to me
Someday, I’ll meet my beauty

Fall came by, so did she
But the beast laid there helplessly
Failing to break free
From the shackles of destiny

She roamed the skies,
Walked on the sea
Sipped some coffee
And soaked some breeze

The bewildered beast sighed
My Lord, bring her to me
But the raucous tides kept
Falling deaf to her ears & his plight
I gave you my blood
But what do thou do?
Treachery, treachery!
Can’t you see My Lord
This was meant to be my date with destiny
And not my nadir


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