A princess in dragon’s lair

In a mountain that touched the skies Stood a castle all twisted and quiet In it lived a princess and her fire breathing dragon The two, weighed downed by a prophetic burden

‘No matter if takes an etertnity I’ll wait for my Prince Charming to rescue me And you my dragon will guard me Till Hell hath no fury’

‘To be charmed is in your destiny But I’m here to write my legacy For only a noble soul would pass by my fury Rest will be eulogized in flames of history’

‘O dragon, the day will come When Charming rescues me And thy will look helplessly Till then, I wait patiently’

The dragon flashed a Pan Am Smile But then said to himself,

‘What a fool is she, For she’s letting her best years go by To a frivolous prophecy But why should I complain, I’m here to write my bloody legacy”

There came many a prince There came many a king But all fell behind in The dragon’s dungeon

She watched them die not in glee Shed a tear or two for their bravery But didn’t let her belief die ‘There’ll come a Prince Charming to rescue me’

Days turned into months, And months into years, Slowly no one threatened to breach The dragon’s lair

No thrust could now push his wings His tail all pale and lacking sting The teeth couldn’t grind no flesh For our dragon was now near his end

He limped to the Princess and cried,

‘Sorry my girl, there’s no fury left in me Time for you to break me free The legend is just a myth Why can’t you see through it!’

She gingerly walked from her bed Put on her glasses, and unlocked the lancet All she could see was swathes of cold ice The air breathing with no life

And then the truth looked her into the eye ‘O dragon, thou were right The legend was nothing but a myth I’ve wasted my life for a Prince Charming Who simply didn’t exist’

She unshackled the dragon  and made a plea Why don’t you take one last flight Just take me to a place that’s buzzing with life

‘All my life, I kept you from your destiny Oh my wings, just give me one last strength To make amends and set right my legacy For I will not die a monster’

So the dragon flapped his wings And reached out to the skies With the princes on board To the icy fields, he nosedived

‘Oh, I missed the thrill and shrill of Speeding through the wind Oh, I missed the flights of fancy For in the skies, lies my true legacy

The dragon’s feet touched icy ground But moments later he laid on it ‘My times has come, Oh princess A monster was I, but I won’t die as one’

With tears in her eyes, the Princess sighed, “No dragon, thy not a monster Devouring souls, will not be your legacy For you are my Prince Charming, You the one, who rescued me’

Moral: In life, we keep waiting for someone special, but fail to embrace the humble souls around us.


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