Fare thee well, Oh Mary!

Fare thee well,Oh Mary!
For in your heart, thy carry the wishes of
Midgets, Medusas, & wicked fairies

Some came dressed in black,
Some flashed pouts of cherries
But all looked a picture of melee

Together they sang ‘Twysted Tales’
Together they drank venomous cocktails
Together they whined and dined
Together they shed tears thicker than wine

Some waxed lyrical of Mary’s powers
Some felt blessed by her mere touch
Poker-faced fairies now calling their bluff

Tributes poured like a cascade
Each tribute dropping a tear
Each tribute, taking the gloss of Mary’s face

Overwhelmed with a sea of emotion
Mary embraced all their wickedness
Wishes ’em good bye with a promise that tonight
Thee all sing a ‘Lullaby for the wicked’
As she set course for home
Up in the skies, heavens sighed,
Fare thee well, Oh Mary!
But in your euphoria
Thou left Hesus high and dry
Thou left Hesus to be crucified

Far away in a remote corner
Hesus clung onto a cross
Like a child in mother’s arms
For he didn’t wish Mary to save him
All he wanted was to say once before he passed
Fare thee well, O Mary!


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