An obituary of a different kind!

                                                             OBITUARY SCREEN FINAL With profound grief and sorrow, I inform you the sad demise of my Sony Vaio, LED Display Screen (17 inch) on December 1, a day after it lit up my 34th birthday. The screen was 3.

The poor soul succumbed to its grave injury after it was stuck on the rear left side of its ellipsoidal body. The tragedy occurred in the wee hours of December 1, when an inebriated Mayur, (having gulped down 4 glasses of red wine and 2 beers), failed to pin down the evil pin of the charger, that laid dangerously on the keyboard. Blinded by the darkness (and undiluted drinks), I GENTLY slammed the screen on the keyboard, only to hear a THUD. It took me next morning to realise the terminal damage, I’d caused to my beloved.

The tech medics at Sony Vaio service centre termed the injury as ‘irreparable’ and that my beloved would permanently remain in a vegetative state. Unable to bear its pain, I took the harsh, but inevitable, decision of opting for euthanasia. The poor soul was freed from its dead frame 24 hours later.

The LED Display Screen is now forever laid to bed, where it will Rest In Peace for eternity LAID TO BED FINAL. As a mark of respect, I request you all to turn off your laptop/desktop screens for a minute at mid-night. Eulogy to follow. Keep watching this space!


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