A eulogy by the nerd, for the nerd, and of the nerd

I’m honoured that among the thousands of its consumers, the LED Display Screen family chose me to eulogize their departed soul.

A eulogy by the nerd, for the nerd, and of the nerd

By Mayur Lookhar


Oh my dear, LED Display Screen
Why did you go away?
Leaving me in disarray
I swear by your dead frame
I committed no foul play

The evil was the charger’s dark pin
That like a bullet went astray
And left you all black and grey
My sin? The dark pin
That I failed to put away

You came into my life on St.Patrick’s Day
But boy, it felt like Thanks Giving Day
The year long ploughings didn’t fritter away
You were my harvest
One that made me have a ‘field day’

Dark you looked, whilst asleep
But when thee eyes opened
You left me spellbound
By your dazzling display

Infinite colours of joy
Infinite colours that refused to fade away

For a writer, you were my page
For a painter, you were my canvas
For a movie buff, you were my 70mm screen
Thanks to you, I got exposed to social networking

So, when the stalker in me got restless,
You unveiled her to me,
By virtue of twitter & facebook
I could befriend many like she

The days were filled with laborious cliches
But it was in the dark,
That you brought the devil out in me
One who sought blood
Gazing through beautiful naked bodies

Oh my dear, LED Display Screen
You charmed me with all your foreplay
For at the ‘stroke’ of ‘nightfall’
I tuned into ‘Skyfall’

You showed me the deep power of ’69’
Cunnilingus, penilingus, and anilingus
Words that I mistook for Greek Gods
Were actually the true gifts of mankind

And when the sadism ran deep
I looked upon a girl called Rooney
Then you sent a shiver down my spine
By unleashing a gruesome picture of her sodomy

rooney mara

Now that you ain’t there with me
You’d be both pleased and disappointed
That it didn’t take me long
To find a replacement, noteworthy

For through its eyes now
I will see the many colours of fantasies
For through its page
I’m writing you an eulogy

Farewell, my Sony Vaio LED Display Screen!


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