Not-so-eligible! The widow

By Mayur Lookhar

Alright, another ‘not-so-eligible’ tale is testimony to the fact that I still haven’t found a tenant for my 1 BHK flat in Malad West.  As frustrating as it’s been, but this tenant hunt has often thrown up humorous tales. But sadly, all that has changed today, leaving me stunned, helpless, aghast at how sick can some people be when they refuse to welcome a WIDOW in their society. Oh, yeah, it’s true even in 2015.

So, today (March 2), I approach an agent with the same request – FIND ME A FAMILY, NO BACHELORS please. He visits my flat, likes it, and then calls up a lady, who resides in nearby Charkop, but then tells me that she’s looking  for a house for her sister and her nephew. I’m told the son must be around my age. (Obviously, the agent wasn’t aware that while I may be 34, I look 28)


So, after an hour, he arrives with a lady and the lady’s brother-in-law, once a TV actor who played a blink-and-miss role in Kkusum. I wonder why the lady’s sister not hasn’t come, but then I’m told that she’s handicapped.
So, the lady likes my flat, I lower my proposed rent by 500 bucks, but then the brother-in-law says that the son wouldn’t be staying with her.  Oops, that sets me back yet I’m sure that the managing committee surely wouldn’t object to having a widow in their premises.


Oh how wrong was I. As I stepped out, I bumped into the manager (a dumb fuck Catholic) who leaves me stunned after I ask him that you guys sure wouldn’t object to me renting out my flat to a widow. When I ask what’s the bone of contention here? She’s a widow and aged too. That piece of shit replies, “SHE’S SINGLE THOUGH”
Whoa, I can’t believe my ears, is this what he really said? To my dismay, two other useless stooges sitting besides him too echo the same line.


I wonder what kind of men are these, who claim to be part of a civil society, and yet have such sick minds. I felt like slapping the buffoons right there. Sadly, my civility curbed my aggression. But as I left, I felt so sick inside.
Our politicians, leaders wax lyrical about the new and modern India where democracy rules, where women are being empowered. Sadly, the truth is starkly different even in the most cosmopolitan city like Mumbai.
Damn, give me break.  What kind of society are we living in where widows aren’t allowed to rent an apartment? Now, by having lost her husband, does it mean she’s discarded from a FAMILY? Goodness gracious, does a woman need to have a husband or a child to constitute a family?


My question to such despicable men is do all widows need to have a child? Don’t we have couples who are childless?  What if you have one such couple in your society, but tomorrow one of them passes away, would you then throw the poor widow/er out of your society? What if your wife passes away and your children leave you alone, would you then vacate your flat?


Well, I’m sure such chauvinists would turn the rules, if their position is challenged. It pains me to no end to see that our society has place for such polluted, archaic minds. Sadly, what do I do when most men from that society are like that?



Well, I was too numb to even apologise to the lady, so I merely passed on my disappointment to her agent. Well, this episode left me with a lump in my throat.  This is not India that we should be proud about. I’m sure Raja Ram Mohan Roy must be turning in his grave today.


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