Does a documentary rape Mother India?

Her soul wouldn’t rest in peace till  evil is confined to flames. Sadly, Indian laws have allowed more breathing space to the rapists, but what will be hurting Nirbhaya more in heaven is the furore over a DOCUMENTARY on her tragedy.
So, politicians have created a ruckus in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha over how a British filmmaker (Leslee Udwin) was given permission to interview one of the accused in the Nirbhaya gangrape case. Social media, in particularly, women were livid with Mukesh Singh’s statement that Nirbhaya shouldn’t have resisted the rape, and in stead, willingly cooperated to avoid the brutal beating. He also goes on to state that it was her fault because women should not be travelling late in the night with their spouses/ boyfriends.

Expectedly, citizens were quick to vent their frustration, but most of the anger is now directed towards the filmmaker, Leslee Udwin. Gauging from reactions on news channels and social media, many enraging citizens feel that this documentary not only insults Nirbhaya, but it’s also an attempt from the West to further tarnish our image. While this might be true to a certain extent, but in the midst of this anger, we are losing sight of the main issue.
Honestly, I’m usually not in favour of filmmakers touching upon such tragedies because most of them make a hash of it. (The Attacks of 26/11, Rahasya, to name a few) However, poor efforts shouldn’t deter us from making an honest film.

Now, prior to this documentary, I didn’t even know Leslee Udwin existed. So, whether she’s made a good film or is it going to embarrass the nation can only be gauged once we see the film. I read in a report how Udwin is stunned by the way men like Mukesh look at our women, but she’s also touched by the will of people to fight this evil.
I’m alarmed that the people, who backed freedom of expression for the trivial AIB  group, are now slamming Udwin for making a film on a serious tragedy. For God’s sake, you have all the time and the energy to listen to abuse from filthy men posing as comedians, but no heart or guts to accept bitter truth.

Truth to be told, we as a nation have always shied away from the bitter truth. Be it rapes, caste discrimination, or communal riots (not just Muslim victims), we often shield the indefensible.  Perhaps, Udwin and BBC must be cashing on our wounds, and humiliate our nation,

but can we just turn a blind to the brutal gang rape?

Are we denying that India is among the rape capitals of the world? (USA top)

Isn’t our judicial system too slow to act on rape cases?

How often have police, especially in villages, refused to even file reports?

Don’t we have minds who think women are nothing but objects of pleasure?

Don’t we have a history of female foeticide?

Now, if all of the above questions are bogus, then Leslee Udwin is indeed out to defame us. However, as much as I wish this was true, truth is that we do have evil lurking around us.  In the months gone by, we’ve been ashamed with evil prying its eyes on handicapped, children and even toddlers.

Now, to think that we can get rid of this problem in a jiffy is like living in a fool’s paradise. For as long as mankind exists, such evil will keep rearing its ugly head. The need of the hour is to strengthen our judicial system. There’s an urgent need to invoke the FEAR OF THE LAW, invoke a FEAR OF THE DEVIL in men/women who even think of committing such crimes.

As for mind set, you can’t change an adult, but if we aspire to be a civil society, then we ought to ensure that our children are educated about menace and the punishment that it carries.

While her body was ravaged, poor Nirbhaya longed to seek justice and hoped that no one bears the same plight. So, I appeal to my brothers and sisters to demand the hanging of such remorseless evil. But please remember, the real insult doesn’t lie in a documentary, but in the spurt of sexual crimes.  Please don’t lose sight of the core issue in the ensuing madness over a documentary film.


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