Deepika slips on her ‘Empowerment STRIP’


Among the many grouses I’ve held against Bollywood stars, chief among them is their reluctance to take a stand on issues of national importance. How often have we heard the stars toeing the, “I’m sorry. I’m not well informed, so I can’t comment on it’ line. However, in the wake of increase in crimes, in particularly against women, we’ve seen many a celebrity shed their inhibitions and strongly voice their displeasure. So, doesn’t matter if you’re a Shenaz Treasurywala or a Twinkle Khanna, any well articulated thoughts are always welcome.

Now, it’s the turn of the reigning queen of Btown Deepika Padukone to hit headlines with the “MY CHOICE” anthem, raking up the issue of women empowerment. Bravo, brilliant. An issue that would perhaps top on the list of most citizens. Well, let’s not lose sight of the fact that these bullets of feminism-are fired from the cosmetic shoulders of Vogue, one that is manufactured by the FemiNAZIS.

Usually, it’s unwise of a man to comment on feminism for ,I wouldn’t like to be called a chauvinist or a misogynist. Besides, Deepika is a reasonable girl one who seldom speaks out of context or length. So, I was more than thrilled to have Deepika star in a campaign film for women empowerment. The joy though soon turned into despair after seeing the video.

Women empowered has been totally redefined in the Deepika Padukone dictionary.

So, can Deepika explain how on earth does having sex ( pre or post marriage) empower a woman?

For the record, man or woman, it doesn’t matter when they choose to have sex.

But will Deepika explain how does sex with people other than your spouse empower a a woman?

Can Deepika explain how wearing traditional, skimpy or no clothes at all empower a woman?

How does coming home at 4.00 am, 6.00 am or not coming at all empower a woman?
Well, not for a moment am I advocating the cultural line, but thus far, I haven’t been able to conjure up with any plausible explanations to justifying women empowerment through the ‘My Choice’ campaign.

Sex, no sex. With spouse or some one else. Or quite simply masturbating

Well, the common thing to this is MY CHOICE. Yes, it is an individual’s choice to do whatever he/she wants to do with her body. And we all should respect that.

However, that doesn’t answer the main question?


Well, may be for a man its inappropriate to answer such a question. So, we leave for the ladies to decide.

It didn’t take long for social media to comprehend on Deepika’s choice. While many have backed Deepika, an overwhelming section of the fairer sex has trashed the short film.

Leading the way is fellow actress Sonakshi Sinha who has tweeted that having sex doesn’t empower a woman.

One nettizen has opined that the ‘My Choice’ is nothing but yet another campaign by Vogue to sell the perfect cosmetics to imperfect women like Deepika.

So, as it turns out Deepika’s ‘My Choice’ is fast becoming into a joke.

As I mentioned before, I’m not comprehending on the film, but there are things that Deepika should not lose sight about.



Unfortunately, Deepika Padukone’s ‘My Choice’ sexual orientation/sexual pattern can be easily perceived as condoning of casting couch than any women empowerment.

It’s my choice. My body, I can sleep with any Tom, Dick, and Harry to land that plum role

I’d be lacking prudence if I go further into dissecting Deepika’s ‘MY CHOICE’. Perhaps, I’d like to tell a little tale of a neighbour.

Here is this Maharashtrian Brahmin woman, who lost her husband early. Her daughter was fairly young, while the son must have had no inkling as to what had hit the family. And the lady had an old mother to care of.

She managed to get a basic job yet gave good education to her children. Married off the daughter to a well-to-do Sikh boy, while the son wasn’t so lucky in marriage. Nevertheless, the children are now well settled.

The son moved to Bangalore. And so the lady lived with her mother. Things went bad again when the old lady was laid low by a chronic back problem. So, she became a mother to her mother carrying her off like a baby to the third floor in a building without lift. The poor woman soon found her knees cracking, and was left with no option but to opt for a keen replacement surgery. Tragedy struck, when the old woman passed away. In hindsight though, our Maharashtrian Brahmin could now go for her surgery.

So, she duly got operated but remarkably post hospitalization, she looked after her self all on her own. The son couldn’t make it from Bangalore, while the daughter couldn’t leaver her husband and kid away for many days.

So, this poor woman gathered enough strength to take care of herself in this post operative period. She braved through the pain of physiotherapy, couple of falls and yet come out triumphant, And most importantly, she still flashes a million dollar smile.
Her story is purely one of inspiration. I’m sure there are many such strong Indian ladies. Now compare this tale of strength vis-a-vis Deepika’s short film. It really begs the question.

Who among our women need empowering?

Do we need to strengthen women like my neighbour or do we need to empower girls wanting have sex at will?

Do we empower a woman who must carry her mother on her back or do we empower a girl who comes homes at 4 or 6 am?

Do we empower the poor women who work as labourers, maids or the ones changing their clothes like diapers?
Not for a moment am I donning any sexist hat. Make no qualms about it, we should let our women have sex. We should let our women party all night? We shouldn’t dictate any dress code for our women. We must give them their freedom, their choice.

But ladies or gents, please don’t forget that we are also accountable to the choices we make. For with every choice is accompanied with rewards or consequences.

I thoroughly respect the free spirit and devil-may-care attitude of the Deepika Padukones, but when it comes down to transferring power, I rather place it on the humble shoulders of a widow, the blistered hands of a maid.

In the meanwhile, Deepika you can happily dazzle on your ‘Empowerment Strip’. Or simply slip and lay there exposed.


One thought on “Deepika slips on her ‘Empowerment STRIP’

  1. superbly written..kudos to you Mayur.
    I also whole heartedly appreciate your views and thoughts on empowerment. As for Deepika padukones…..enjoy your life the way you want and forget the word empowerment. It,s not your cup of tea.


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