A devil embraced in Almighty’s Assam


No scent to smell, no breeze to breathe
A body sans its soul
But the shackled spirit didn’t care
For he felt home in the devil’s lair

The morning light burnt his skin
The moon light uncovered his darkness
The hapless devil sighed,
‘Your world has no place for me
For I belong here in the devil’s lair’

Filled with rage and desolation
The devil bolted his doors
No soul could breathe in
No shadow could peak outside
For he felt home in the devil’s lair UNTIL….

Along came a little bird
‘She dropped a piece of paper
And vanished into thin air

‘Who dared to enter the devil’s lair
Run away before I lay you to flames,’
But the little bird was nowhere to be seen
All that left was a piece of paper

The devil laid his hands on it
And soon the frown gave way to a bewildered look
“What, what is this?
An invitation from the hills of heaven?”

He rubbed his eyes again and again
But no word imprinted on it changed
Yes, the heavens opened its doors for him
But is this a ploy to tame him?

Despicable mind of the devil
For he had received an invitation to
a marriage made in heaven
Yet he sensed foul play by the Gods

He quickly threw it out of the window
Only to see his rage boomerang
The card slammed back on his face
Evidently clear, this was an invite he couldn’t refuse

The devil though needed a bit of cajoling
And so dropped by the bird
Singing praises of her land, Assam
Her perseverance paid off
And the reluctant devil flew to Assam

But he carried with him many fears , myths and loathing
The heavens have no place for me
Their faith bound by a book
Their walls guarded by vultures of culture
But all that was about to change

The air filled with purity
The skies a picture of serendipity
On lands of green and gold
Grazed many a cattle and the mighty rhino

Every sight, every sound
Evoked a sense of shock and awe
“This is not the land I’d foreseen
Oh, Assam, your colors have overshadowed the darkness in me”

“But these picturesque mountains won’t blind me
For up in the heavenly hills
Thee Gods are now conspiring against me”

Perched on a a golden chariot
He arrived on the gates of heaven
Gingerly he stepped forward
One step at a time, before the doors lay opened

But to his astonishment,
Here there were no bearded saints
No birds caged in veils
The human spirit flowed with gay abandon

The Lord of the house was as humble as a gardener
The leading lady as calm as sea
The devil warmly greeted by the bride
And kin (nieces) as beautiful as fairies

On a platter they served, his pound of flesh
Fishes, Meat and Birds
He gorged on them like a hungry wild cat

But they just didn’t keep his belly warm
Up came a wise man called MF Hussain
Provided the devil with some food for thought

He painted history like never heard before
But more than his wisdom
It was his humility that touched the devil
For here was a man of different faith
Yet he adored a Hindu deity (Kamakhya temple)

His faith can even put many a Hindu saints to shame

The true moment of bliss lied in
The pyrotechnics of the little kins
Some portly, some toothless
Ear to ear, they made the devil grin

This sure can’t get any better
So he thought until the groom’s army arrived
Their parlance polished as diamond
Soon they became the cynosure of all eyes

He felt touched by a wonderful gesture
The groom’s patrem presented him a memento
One fitted for the occasion
One that carried the scent of the fields

A day later the devil pondered,

‘Oh, little bird,
This was not how I perceived your nest to be
You and your ilk
Have left me all humbled with your hospitality

Got no fire, no words to express my gratitude
Oh little bird, thanks for embracing this devil in Assam
Thank you, for showing me BLISS IN HILLS’


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