By Mayur Lookhar


Men were meant to live forever
Until came by a sadist Satan
Who lured men into death
With a bite from an apple from hell

“Ha Ha Ha,I told you God,
Adam and Eve will be consumed by greed
One by one they will rise
One by one they will all die
But what shall not, is the evil Satan’s smile'”

Jesus came and went by
But Satan kept himself alive
Breathing fire through the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, and Laden

He turned the West wild
Lynched the meek black
Then spilled a million Jew blood
Through the blade of a Nazi dictator

Oh such a chequered history
But why is our Satan so scared?

The Nazis are long gone
But Satan still wields his lethal weapon, GREED
And greed it is that drives men mad
Greed it is that makes Adam an infidel
But where does it leave poor Eve?

Out went Satan for a stroll
On one Saturday eve
Stopped in his ranks
By one intriguing Eve

She spoke nonchalantly
Revealing tales of her infidel Adam
Cruelty by Adam’s vicious kins
But there was more to this Eve than meets the eye

Her eyes seeking Satan’s vision
Her lips thirsting for Satan’s sweat
Hour dark or dim, Eve longs to hear evil hymn
Oh devil, is this Eve lusting for Satan?

My oh my, the Satan sighed
“I swear by my eternal evil life
Never came across such a damsel in distress
Greed is my weapon, but now turned against me”
Satan getting a taste of his own bitter pill?

“Not a fairy she is, that I am sure of
For here’s a mother unperturbed
How her lust will affect her child
Oh devil, Eve’s got Satan in her sights”

A bewildered Satan said to himself
‘This a plot to tame the devil!
She will bare it all to me
Feed me her succulent breasts
Make me impale her vagina
Then cut my wings, leaving me as mortal as she”

“Forgive me my Lord”, Satan cried
“A monster have I created
Now its coming for me,
My Lord just pass me my poised apple
I rather die by its bite
Than have my indignity stripped by a greedy, lusty Eve”

Oh Lord, Satan is so scared!
Oh Lord, Satan is so scared!


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