Beware of the ‘bloody’ Chicken Lollypop at Hotel Hariprasad

NOTE: This is not the ‘bloody’ lollypop that was served to me. This picture has been taken from google purely for representational purpose
I, Mayur Lookhar, would like to bring to your notice the harrowing experience that I encountered at one HOTEL HARI PRASAD, located at Marol, Military Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 59. contact: 022 – 29205559/29209566
I reside in Marol, and have been regularly visiting the hotel since the past 7 years. But never before have I encountered such humiliation at the hands of the staff.
For the record, this hotel used to be earlier managed by an altogether different staff, until the owners decided to get rid of them and run the affairs on their own.
The new faces couldn’t match up to the standards of the earlier staff, and thus i stopped dining over there until this evening, 15th June, 2015.
So, this eve I ordered for a beverage and a CHICKEN LOLLYPOP (dry)  that usually is served in quantity of 6-8 pieces. Sadly, on this eve, this dish left a ‘bloody’ taste in my mouth as the most of the chicken pieces weren’t cleared of the blood. I consumed a few pieces, and they left a bloody taste in my mouth. However, I thought this would be just an aberration, and expected the remaining pieces to be clean and edible. Unfortunately, after having  4-6 pieces, there was no way that my body could intake the last two pieces.
It is at this juncture that I ordered the waiter to replace them and ensure that the new pieces don’t taste of blood. Thankfully, they didn’t but they couldn’t undo the damage done earlier. The beverage did play its part in diluting the ‘bloody’ taste, but yet this was totally unacceptable to a consumer.
The waiter came up with the cheque/check, amounting to Rs.390, of which the CHICKEN LOLLYPOP amounted to Rs.150. I requested for the cashier to be present as I wanted to bring to his knowledge about my bad experience. He apologized but then soon vanished. I wanted to speak to a manager or an owner, but none came forward. Some 5-10 minutes later, two individuals, dressed formally, came up to me to take stock of my issue.
Well, i told them that what the problem was but was aghast to hear their reply. A man, claiming to be the general manager, shamelessly told me that, “Sir, you can’t complain after devouring six pieces. You should have brought it to our notice immediately. Besides, we’ve tasted it ourselves and no other customer has ever complained the same”
Taken aback by his remorseless attitude, I told him how could he be so shameless and not be apologetic about the poor quality of food. In stead, he shamelessly put the blame on me.
Now, as a consumer, why would I bother about the service meted out to others? They (others) haven’t been subject to such bad quality of food. Wasn’t it preposterous of this gentleman (who refused to reveal his name) to put the blame squarely on the customer.
Worse, the waiter, who all along was impeccable in his service, too began to lie saying that the I consumed all the pieces and didn’t ask for any replacement. Truth is, I ate 4-6 pieces, before asking for the last two to be replaced, that was done appropriately by the waiter.
So, these 4 men ganged up against me, desperately trying to prove that I’m a liar.
Stunned by their remorseless attitude, I, too, told them I’ll be shameless and just pay for the last 2 pieces, the cost of which should come to Rs.50. I agreed to pay Rs.290. But strangely, these people asked me to close the matter by just paying for the beverages. i.e Rs.240.
As a honourable man, I would never take an extra penny from someone, nor give an extra penny  to someone. My repeated requests to take Rs.290, didn’t appease them as they demanded that I pay just for the beverage.
Well, left with no choices, I agreed to their demand, but i told them I would pay by cash, and since I didn’t have sufficient cash in my pocket, I asked them to send the waiter with me so that I can withdraw the money and pay the bill in cash.
Astonishingly, these jokers didn’t agree to it and demanded that I pay in card only. Now how on earth can any hotel staff decide the mode of payment for the customers. Obviously, there are many who don’t have card payment facility, but here I’m being directed to pay through the card. They felt that I would run away, but despite appealing to them to send the waiter with me, they refused to budge. The general manager told me that I can’t leave the hotel. I said, it’s fine and then merely waited for them to blink first.
After having a word with their paanwala, who knows me well, the two jokers agreed to come with me. I withdrew the necessary bill amount, and paid to them in cash. The copy of the paid bill is in my possession, and you’ll find it attached in this email. Surprisingly, I thought my ordeal has ended, but was stunned when this general manager insisted that I return the bill.
There was no way, I was going to agree to that as the cash memo is the right of the consumer. I then proceeded to the paanwala, bought a cigarette and shared my painful experience with few bystanders. Peeved at this, the general manager started bad mouthing about me to these bystanders.
As a customer and a journalist, I’ve never encountered such unprofessional behaviour by any hotel staff, irrespective of their star rating.
I would request friends living in the are to think twice before heading to this shit place.

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