Lalit Modi: CEO sacked for playing ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’


Sitting in his luxurious suite in London, Lalit Modi has long been ruffling cricketing and now political feathers too. In a refreshing change though, Modi has spared the usual suspects, and in stead, poked his nose into someone else’s business.

Last week, corporate India was conducting laborious gossip sessions after CEO Rahul Yadav was sacked for alleged misconduct.

Fearing probable backlash from Yadav, the Board of directors had made the necessary security arrangements. However, it all went smoothly. In fact, even presented Yadav with a cake that read,”LAID OFF”’ while the sacked CEO returned the favour with a cake of his own, that read, “I SCREWED YOUR WIFE”

If you thought this was the end to the imbroglio, go shit bricks. The corporate world soon went into tizzy trying to demystify the entire saga, but be it Pricewattawhopper or mBootys, Frobes or Gosconomist, none could really explain what really went wrong between and Rahul Yadav.

Well, well, well! One man though has managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Hold your breath, it’s none other than LALIT MODI.

WTF Modi, the former IPL commissioner! What’s he gotta do with Rahul Yadav?

“Chalk and cheese we may be, but guess, you’ve forgotten my name is LALIT MODI”

If I’m aware that Varun Gandhi wanted to mend fences with Sonia, then you think I won’t know what transpired between and Rahul Yadav?

Modi took to twitter to drop a bombshell.

@LalitKModi: CEO sacked for playing ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki’
Twitteratis went into a tizzy trying to make sense of yet another revelation by LaMo. The man then issued a release to back his theory.

According to reliable sources, Yadav was the architect of’s policy of sending their own photographers to click pictures of the landlords’ flats. The shutterbug didn’t his shut his lenses there. In true to paparazzi style, the shutterbugs then secretly clicked private pictures of the landlords, and then coerced them into  leasing their apartments to tenants of their choice.

Well, all was hunky dory, until Yadav decided to put his employees under the lens. Just like Rupert Murdoch is alleged to be snooping on Modi, Yadav hired services of an unknown Israeli security agency to snoop on his colleagues.

Unfortunately, an over zealous paparazzi accidentally snooped on Yadav, when the former CEO was shitting bricks under his table. This picture spread like fire in the organization leading the board of directors with no option to take strong action against Yadav. The man didn’t help his cause, too, by gossiping, creating fissures among employees. Worse his poor attitude towards the media was brought to fore, when staying true to his Yadav clan, Rahul threatened the media when asked about the his alleged misconduct.

Reportedly, Rahul Yadav threatened the media saying, “Chup ho ja budbak, warna ki deewar main tujhe chunva doonga”

(Shut your motor mouth. Or else I’ll bury you alive in the walls of

While Modi has made Yadav the butt of all jokes, the former CEO isn’t too upset with Modi. On the contrary, he’s very impressed with the former IPL commissioner and is looking to reach out to him. Well, after all, they both have plenty in common. Both are the architect of two premier brands, and both fell from grace after being sacked by their own people.

According to Modi, Yadav called him to request British NRI MP Keith Vaz to arrange for a suite for him. Fearing for his life, Yadav reckons London is the safest place from where, like Modi, he too can expose the lies, scams, misdemeanors of board of directors and all employees.

That’s not all, Yadav has even proposed to open a rival property portal in London that will be called Keith Vaz and Lord Swaraj Paul have given up the thumbs up to this brilliant idea.

If you thought that this the end to this kahaani, I’m afraid to say that Rahul Yadav’s ‘Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki’ has only begun. And this time the story will commence from London. Ekta Kapoor, Can you beat this?

DISCLAIMER: The contents mentioned in this article are 100 per cent false. This is purely for satirical purposes and should be taken into the right spirit. So, no throwing bricks at this writer.


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