Is Shehenshah eliminating all in Vyapam scam?

An uneasiness runs into these veins, a heart gripped by fear that the mere mention of the dreaded Vyapam scam might lead to another mysterious death. Geez! I’m even scared to write about it. God forbid, the mysterious killer(s) might strike back me with poised pens.

In a matter of 48 hours, the death toll in the Vyapam scam has risen to 48. Added to the casualty list are, constable Ramakant Pandey (found hanging to a ceiling) and trainee inspector Anamika Kushwaha (body recovered in a lake).

Their death has led to seasoned BJP minister Uma Bharti fearing for own life and the people around her. Meanwhile,unfazed by dire threats, whistle blower Ashish Chaturvedi has vowed to expose chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who is strongly backed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP hierarchy. The government has thus far refused the opposition’s demand for CBI probe.

Phew! 48 deaths so far is a chilling number. High enough to create a fear psychosis in the state. For those still uninitiated, Vyapam scam centers around the Madhya Pradesh professional examination board that conducts tests for recruitment to government jobs and admissions for top educational institutes. High profile names have emerged as accused, the msot notable being ex-education minister Laxmikant Shukla and Shailesh Yadav, late son of governor Ram Naresh Yadav.

Interestingly, save for dean Arun Sharma, Aaj Tak journalist Akshay Singh, and perhaps dean Dr.D.K.Sakalley, all other deceased in this scam are alleged accused or beneficiaries.

Tainted UPA leaders may have minted crores through 2G, Coalgate, and other scams, but the mysterious deaths of 48 human beings cannot be measured in crores. Surprisingly, where are the dharnas? Where are the Anna Hazares, where are the Kejriwals who’d strongly agitated against the corrupt deeds of UPA?

Call it flimsy, but on the face of it, it appears that there’s some person, a law unto himself, who’s has brought the 45 persons to justice. Sadly, though, with their deaths. That makes us wonder, may be the ruling party, too, would like us to believe that there is someone out there, an invisible to the prying eyes of Law, who’s meting out justice,


Well, those who’ve watched the 1988 Amitabh Bachchan blockbuster would indeed find eerie similarities between the real and the reel.

In the film, an honest inspector Shrivastav (Kader Khan), who exposes the corrupt deeds of his colleague Mathur and JK (Amrish Puri), is tricked by the villains and painted as corrupt leading to Shrivastav hanging himself. Years later his son Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) joins the police force. While during the day he’s an incompetent cop, bit in the night time, Vijay dons a beard, and his LED-Lit suit to bash the culprits and make them confess to their crimes.

May be there could be one person, a law unto himself, who’s punishing the accused. But as we know, reel is so different from real. The Shehenshahs only in reel life. In the real world though, there are plenty of malicious JKs, who would even sacrifice their own blood to save their ass.

48 deaths is matter of grave concern and it doesn’t look like the JKs of the Vyapam scam will stop at this. They are out to wipe every ounce blood that threatens to expose them.

Geez! I’ve spoken too much. I don’t want this to be read by the mysterious killers in the Vyapam scam. And I’m sure, you guys are in no hurry to read this writer’s obituary. Ah, are you?


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