Tale of the trailers


Don’t judge a book by its cover. Tell that to the movie buffs, critics and they are likely to the throw the book back at you. Thus, it’s paramount for producers, filmmakers that they encaptivate the audience with the very first look of their flick. So, a teaser and a trailer ought to come out right.

In the last few days, we’ve seen teasers and trailers in plenty. Fan, Hero, Bajirao Mastani, Manjhi and now Raees. They are coming thick and fast. And and as soon they go online, they start trending. Good, bad, or ugly, thousands of nettizens feel it obligatory to comment on this teaser/trailer. So, without further adieu let’s talk about the ones that trended and what I made up of them.

1 Fan of a ‘Raees’?

Now, readers here must have already read how I wasn’t impressed with the ‘Fan’ trailer and more so, why Shah Rukh khan chose to do such a film.

With ‘Raees’; though it was exactly the opposite .Just two words. MIND BLOWING. Not since Chak De, have I seen SRK take up a meaningful role. Too early to say that, but at least Raees certainly isn’t going to be a mindless entertainer like Happy New Year, Chennai Express or Ra.One.

So, a film on bootlegger is enough to raise brows, and bound to uncork controversies, if the man is supposedly a Muslim. As good a teaser Raees is, but it is bound to be questioned by the faithful teetotallers.

But the more eye catching aspect of the two teasers is their wee bit similarity. Wonder how?

If you’d watched the two teasers carefully, both end with the protagonist announcing his arrival. So, while Fan sees the protagonist declare, Fan teaser “Main aa gaya hoon Gaurav’,, in Raees we hear SRK say, “Aa raha hoon main” Raees.

Two films, tow different subjects, two different producers, one common factor – SRK. Sure, the actor could have observed this little similarity. Well, it doesn’t take the sheen away from each of them, but may be the creators of these teasers would keep this in mind when they next make a teaser.

2. Bajirao Mastani trailer – another Ram Leela here?

I was privileged to see the trailer of this magnum opus on a high definition screen. And oh boy, I was blown away by the visual treat. Never before has any Indian trailers held me spellbound purely on the magic of its visuals. Grandeur is the essence of every Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, but with Bajirao Mastani, SLB has taken the grandiose to an all new level.

Eros claimed that the trailer was fetching 65,000 hits per minutes, almost threatening to crash their website. The first trailer was mostly a visual extravaganza, with the dialogue promo likely to follow in due course of time. This trailer  is perhaps the finest I’ve seen in a long time. Well, may be Raavan evoked such delight in me, but we all know how it turned out to be a damp squid.

One thing that I found intriguing in the trailer was the background score. After much thought and few more viewing, I felt that the music seems to be partly inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.  Judge it yourself, POTC

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known to take whole of inspiration, but that though doesn’t change my opinion that Bajirao Mastani’s trailer is a good one. But the criticism being levied against it is that the film is another Ram Leela, Bhansali’s last direction.  Critics say that like Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, too, is another Hindu Muslim love same actor (Ranveer-Deepika), the only difference being Priyanka and guns replaces by swords.

Well, all of it may be true, but may be we’ve missed the important part. Unlike Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani is historical tale. And history can’t be changed by you, me or Sanjay Leela Bhansali So, comparing history with fictional characters is simply uncalled for. May be such critics to go back to their history books. Also, those calling the film another OTT Bhansali visual extravaganza, did you expect him to film his Bajirao Mastani in 2 BHK apartments?

3. Manjhi – A mountain of a man trailer

I was among the fortunate journalists to have interviewed Nawazuddin Siddiqui when he was signed for a film about some unheralded hero – Dashrath Manjhi. I read about the incredible heroics of them an who took 22 years to break a mountain and carve a road, all because the same mountain stretch killed his beloved. But my worry was would this film really cut the ice with our pop=corn audiences?

Well, thankfully, the positive response to the film’s trailer is a great beginning. From the look of it, Manjhi looks like India’s answer to films like ‘Cast Away’, Life of Pie, ‘127 hours.  While all these films were tales of survival, but the hardship endured by them is nothing compared to toil of Dashrath Manjhi.

The trailer may not be as extravagant as Bajirao Mastani or cool like Raees, but this one line in the trailer is enough to inspire mankind.

“Hum bhagwan bharosey baithey hai, kya pata bhagwan hamrey bhraosey baitha ho”.

(We’ve put our faith in God, but what if it is God who’s banking on us).

Truly inspiring. Manjhi is slated to release on August 21, 2015. Let us all pay tribute to the unsung legend of Dashrath Manjhi.


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