Sheena Bora killed for seeing step-brother! But was it an incestuous relationship?


On the night of 25th August, I was at the launch of two insignificant &TV shows. A presser that commenced two hours late from schedule and when it did, we just wished for it to be over soon. Sadly, ti didn’t and the clock ticked to 10.30 pm, when I was startled by a whats app message, “‘INDRANI MUKHERJEA ARRESTED FOR MURDERING HER SISTER’.  Wow! Stunning but not wee bit surprised.

You may think why I’m saying this. Not that I knew this lady inside out, but in my brief interaction with Mrs.Mukherjea, who was then the INX Media CEO, I wondered is this woman for real? For God’s sake I’ve never come across a TV network CEO, demanding journalists and all present to watch only their channel. Brazen arrogance.  No wonder 9X bombed soon. However, in that brief time spent at the presser, I don’t know why, but I had this feeling that here’s a lady that one shouldn’t mess with, here’s a lady with whom who you rather keep your distance.

So, when the news of her arrest for alleged murder of her sister broke out,,it didn’t come as a surprise. Oh, boy, mark my words many journalists, former INX Media employees had longed to see this lady bite the dust, but sadly, not with her ‘own’ blood in hands though.

Though a business journalist now, I couldn’t help but get close to the action. (Geez, I miss my TIMES NOW  days). If earlier, I was cursing the delayed & TV presser, I was now thankful for it, as Khar police station wasn’t too far from where I was at 10.30 pm. So, I landed there, surprised to see only a few media personnel. May be, Indrani was no longer big deal for the media but how things changed in a matter of 24 hours.

So, from being accused of murdering her sister over suspected property dispute, the world was shocked to know that Indrani had actually killed her daughter. Wow, sensational indeed. What would be such a grievance that would lead a mother to kill her own child?

In her confession to the police, or as reported widely, Indrani stated that she took the drastic step as she was upset with her daughter having a relationship with her step-son Rahul Mukherjea.  Step siblings they may be, but in a society likes ours, this would be considered a grave sin. And in some parts, Indrani would be cheered for killing her daughter for honour. (Who says I’m a biased Haryanvi?)

However, after carefully going through the family tree, I wonder did Sheena and Rahul commit a sin? Was this really an incestuous relationship?

Now, Sheena and her brother Mikael Bora were the love child of Indrani and an unknown gentleman. Phew, today we have colorful Vir Sanghvi claiming that Indrani had once told him how she was sexually abused by her step-father, and perhaps, Sheena was the by product of it. Siddhart Das, Indrani’s step father has rubbished her claims. What’s not disputed though is that both Sheena and Mikael are Indrani’s children.

So,later on Indrani goes onto marry Sanjeev Khanna, a Kolkata businessman, with whom she has a daughter named Vidhi. She divorces Khanna and then finds loves in the arms of former Star India CEO Peter Mukherjea, who divorces his wife Shabnam to marry Indrani. Mukherjea has two sons from Shabnam, one of them is Rahul.

Now, with absolutely no blood connection what so ever, Rahul and Sheena were both legally and morally entitled to have an affair. Honestly, this is not an incestuous relationship, especially if Indrani had long disowned Sheena and Mikael, and merely lied to Peter and all that Sheena was her little sister. Well, but it’s too hard to imagine that Peter would believe such a lie. Now, what moral right did Indrani have to kill her daughter for having a relationship with a half sibling, when Indrani her self didn’t care for morality whilst having two illegitimate children, then marrying and divorcing Sanjeev Khanna, and later rekindling her romance with him ,even though she was now married to Peter?

Well, the world lets a widower marry his sister-in-law, or a widow marry her brother-in-law, then why should one question a relationship between two people whose DNA are poles apart.. Yes, the term incest would have be used if Sheena or Mikael were dating Sanjeev and their mother’s biological child Vidhi, So, this talk of Indrani killing Sheena to protect her and Peter’s honour is really baffling. I wonder is Indrani merely using the Sheena-Rahul relationship to gain sympathy from a society that doesn’t approve such relationships? I’m sure Indrani must be already be revered in those parts of the country.

i see nothing wrong in Sheena and Rahul’s relationship. So, there’s much more to this case than it meets the eye. Sanjeev Khanna and Indrani killed Sheena over a property which they wanted it for their daughter Vidhi. Peter and Indrani siphoned black money into the the accounts of their various kins. Sheena refused to give that money back and so she was eliminated. Or may be Peter was too close to Sheena and so Indrani killed her.

There are many such theories floating around this sensational murder, dubbed by some as the ‘Mother’ of all murders. More than a pun, that’s apt for an hyperbole. However, what’s not a figure of speech is that a young 24-year-old has lost her life nd her soul seeks justice. It’s been seeking justice three years after she was killed. Hope the Indian judiciary acts swiftly to brings the perpetrators to justice.


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