Sheen Bora: My papa, the Helmet man


The tragedy of a  tragedy is that it’s often accompanied by dramedy. So, more than the loss of a young 24-year-old, what intrigues the sadist mind is the modus operandi of an alleged killer, what makes headlines is the incessant colourful stories/theories  surrounding the killer. Such tragedy make up for hot discussion over coffee, for some shameless opportunists, it’s a hot script for  a potential Bollywood potboiler, while for some forlorn entities, it’s a perfect time to reminisce their days with the one who’s now a suspect killer.

As a writer, I’ve always tried not to be swayed by the drama surrounding it, and reduce the tragedy to triviality. So, even as all the dramedy rolled out, I kept a cool head until the sight of a Helmet man had me at my wit’s end. Now before rationality could seep in, I could hear the sound of  ‘Dhoom Dhoom Dhoom’ in my mind. For here was Siddhartha Das, alleged father (given the complexity of Indrani’s relationships) surfacing like a ghost, faced covered in a HELMET. Much the bike riding antagonists from the Dhoom franchise who’s identity only revealed by the antagonist post interval.

Jokes apart, While Siddhartha Das is not the chief villain in this real life murder tale, his late entry into the Indrani Mukhejea-Sheena Bora saga has stunned all. More than his sudden appearance, it is the manner in which he’s made his entry stunned all. Donning a helmet, plus faced covered with a cloth,all that once see is his eyes. Masquerading himself, Das has been giving interviews to the media claiming that he indeed is the biological father of Sheena and Mikael Bora and if his once upon a time live-in partner Indrani has indeed killed Sheena, then he wants her to be hanged. Phew!

Now it would be unfair on our part to judge Siddhartha or anybody associated with this mysterious case. After all, you and I never would know what’s going inside the heads of all the families connected with this case. So, without being judgmental, I chose to read what Mr.Das had to say.

As per the TOI report, Das admitted to being the father of Sheena and Mikael. More importantly, he agreed that way back in the 80s, he was having an affair with Indrani, and due to his joblessness, he moved into Indrani’s house. In those two-three years, Indrani gave birth to his children – Sheen and Mikael. Then in 1989, Indrani dumped him and never contacted her for 26 years and counting. When asked on TIMES NOW, whether Indrani could kill her daughter, Das said she was capable as she’s was very ambitious and could do anything for money. Speaking on NDTV, Das didn’t hesitate in saying that he would want Indrani hanged if she’d killed their daughter.

Fair enough sir, no father would forgive his spouse/girlfriend for killing their own child. But if you leave the alleged murder of Sheena aside, one would like you to answer few questions.

  1. It’s unfortunate that Indrani dumped you 26 years back, but both Sheena and Mikael, who were toddlers then, didn’t dump you. Did you you bother to meet them again? Or just like Indrani dumped you, Mr.Das, you, too dumped your little children then?

2. You moved on in life, got married, had legitimate kids, Did you then realise how you’d had ruined the lives of Sheena and Mikael? Didn’t you ever consider having the custody of Sheena and Mikael?

3. Indrani was arrested on August 25, what took you so long to come out in the open to accept that Sheena and Mikael are your children?

Perhaps, the above questions are now meaningless, but what startles me is that if you are now claiming to be the father of Sheena and Mikael but what’s the need of all this masquerading?  Sir, I can understand in 1989 it would have been difficult of you to own paternity of out of wedlock children, but today your daughter is said to be killed, shouldn’t your priority be her well safety, or seeking justice for her rather than protecting your own non existent identity? 

.The comprehensive DNA tests will prove whether the remains found in Raigad were those of Sheena or some one else. As well as I wish that Sheena is alive and living in US, the reality though looks bleak. Presuming that she was killed in 2012, her soul would be looking down upon you in your veiled look and asking,

“Dad, you were ashamed to own me in life, are you ashamed to own me after death. When the Gods, ask me, ‘who’s child are you? Should I say, I’m Sheena Bora and my father is the HELMET MAN?

Or may be when Mr.Das himself meets his maker, the Almighty would speak ala the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, “OFF WITH HIS HEAD…. rather… OFF WITH HIS HELMET


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