Make room for something new! Stayzilla’s feature ad film finds a place in your heart

Now before I write this next piece, I’d like to confess that I’m not a connoisseur/critic of the advertising industry, so this article isn’t a review of this feature digital ad film by alternate stay portal Honestly speaking, i didn’t even know that such a portal even existed. Well, call that ignorance (not of bliss) or the perks of owning an apartment in unaffordable Mumbai. So, when I was told at the 11th hour (precisely) that I’ll be required to go this round table with Stayzilla founder Yogendra Vasupal, I pondered, “No. What’s this stayzilla? A villa for Godzillas” Reluctantly, I agreed to go, But then again, I couldn’t say no to my editor.

Not sure how many of you would resonate, but at times life presents us wonderful from things which we try to run away from. Needless press conferences/events on last day of the working day or on weekends rankles a journalist to no ends. But we have a job to do. So, I headed to far off ITC Grand Central, Lower Parel for this Sayzilla godzilla round table. At the end of few hours though, I left with a sense of unbridled joy of having witnessed a truly outstanding ad film. Before i expression thoughts, it would be apt that readers here see the film for themselves.

Now it would have been so easy for the creatives to pump in a few faces, get them to read scripted lines, devoid of emotion, but still meeting the company’s target. Thankfully, creative director Thiagarajan Kumararaja didn’t take the usual route and in stead turned to paper to create his world.

Kumararaja used the stop-motion trick to infuse life into the many paper characters. What binds them is not the glue, but a large, lonely heart seeking not just a paying guest, but a friend with common interest, someone they can feel comfortable renting their rooms to, someone with a common passion. A powerful narrative, narrated by an appealing voice, and a lyrical background score help breathe life into every paper soul in this ad film. Just like the ordinary moments make it a special day, the creatives here have resorted to a simple script, simple characters to spread their message, “Make room for something new’. If not all, this phrase will certainly connect with compassionate hearts.

Kumararaja stated that if after watching this film, people would pick up their phone and call a family or friend, that would be a victory for him. Renting your unused rooms may not happen immediately, but at least this feature ad film connects straight to the heart. Whilst I don’t have the space to have a PG, I thought about the terrible crisis in Syria, with civilians crossing land and water to take refuge. The world was shaken after the picture of dead baby floating ashore made front page news. That triggered an out pour of emotion across the world.

The tragic events in Syria are a reminder that how lucky most of us are to own a home. The poor Syrian refugees are million miles away, but we sure can ‘make room for our own’ We sure can make room for something new. Do we have big hearts? But then again, who knows that the one we open our doors to is a guest or Godzilla?

If not a room, then plz free to share your thoughts after watching this feature ad film Stayzilla ad film


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