Grapevine: Is Akshay Kumar the double in ‘Double Trouble’ in Bigg Boss Nau?

akshay kumar

With a tagline of Double Trouble, speculation is rife that Bigg Boss Nau will have not one but two hosts

Colors will soon launch the 9th season of the popular reality show Bigg Boss, with the press conference scheduled to take place on the 28th of September in Mumbai.

As opposed to the usual widespread speculation over who will be the contestants,  Colors has got eyeballs rolling with its Bigg Boss Double Trouble tagline.

At first it was perceived that Colors might be having couples as contestants, but there’s more to this tagline than it meets the eye.

According to grapevine, the Double Trouble tagline doesn’t imply to the contestants, but it’s more to do with the show having two hosts. A little birdie has informed yours truly that Bigg Boss Nau will have two hosts. While Salman Khan will continue as host for for his sixth straight season, it seems giving him company this time will be Akshay Kumar. If true then Bigg Boss Nau will mark Akshay Kumar’s return to Colors after having hosted the first few seasons of Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi

A source close to Akshay Kumar informed us that will be playing some part in the show.

Meanwhile, there’s also a rumour that the Bigg Boss Nau will see different co-hosts for Salman. The name of Ranveer Singh had cropped up early this year.

With this season tipped to have two hosts, it must be recalled that Bigg Boss had witnessed two hosts when Sanjay Dutt had partnered Salman Khan for the fifth season. Also, a few seasons back, Farah Khan had taken over from Salman after the latter had to leave to honour his film commitments. Back then, Colors had increased the number of episodes, but Salman couldn’t take part in it and so Farah Khan stepped in for Khan.


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