Trailer: ‘Tamasha’ – Theatre of fake dreams?


Trailer: ‘Tamasha’  

Promo duration: 2 mins, 50 sec


Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

 Director: Imtiaz Ali

 Releasing on: November 27, 2015


Impressions from the trailer




A few months before this trailer was out, Ranbir Kapoor, if my memory serves me right, was quoted in a daily that he doesn’t recognises himself after watching the rushes of Tamasha.


Well, one ought to respect Ranbir’s opinion, but the first thing that catches you about the trailer of Tamasha is that ‘RANBIR IS BACK TO BEING RANBIR’

So gone is the atrocious hairdo and the Mumbaiiya accent from Bombay Velvet, gone is the lecherous humour of Besharam. Well, Ranbir himself didn’t promote ‘Roy’ and neither did yours truly bothered to watch it.

If you’re an admirer of this hugely talented actor, then you’d pleased as punch to see the actor playing himself i.e. an ‘ACTOR’


  1. Tamasha mocks at SRK and conventional romance


Well, for the first 1 minutes and 50 seconds, you are left scratching your head cursing, “Oh God, yet another lovey-dovey film in virgin and exotic lands’. Pretty long for the trailer to reveal the true context of the film. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’d be few who would have closed their window or switched to another channel drawn away by the initial Tamasha.

Well, but the real context is revealed with less than a minute for the trailer to culminate. So, all the love, heartbreak seen before is nothing but ‘Tamasha’– pretty apt title indeed.

What strikes the most though is that despite the debacle called ‘Besharam’, Ranbir hasn’t stopped mocking at Shah Rukh Khan and conventional romance. Well, it’s just not Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, but Ranbir’s attire (full sleeves sweaters failing to cover long collar, turtle necks too) and mannerism remind of SRK in Maine Hoona Na, Don and even My Name is Khan (scene where Ranbir’s head rests on the table while his face bears the look of Rizwan Khan)

To be the fair to the actor, Ranbir is merely playing his part, but the director Imtiaz Ali should have done well to know that the fans didn’t take too kindly to such mockery.. The  Besharam will testify to it.

  1. Fair to drub the conventional for the unconventional?

Tamasha looks unconventional, but wasn’t it conventional romance that got Ranbir his last big hit – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? And

 Well, and speaking of the conventional, Imtiaz Ali too steps into new territory.

  1. Profane Deepika – ‘SUAR KI AULAAD’

Profanity from men really seethes you, but when fired from the mouth of a woman, in particularly a beautiful woman, it can be very amusing.

So, Deepika’s lip service, primarily the ‘SUAR KI AULAAD’ salvo is arguably the best part in this trailer. And oh yeah, she only keeps getting hotter with every film.

  1. It’s all fake, mere ‘Tamasha’; all about Tara and Ved; no antagonist? 

Attraction among two pretty faces is common, but seldom can it take the colour of true love. So, Deepika’s character Tara falls in love with Ved (Ranbir). So.  is Tara chasing shadows? Is that story of the ‘Tamasha’?

Naahhhhh! Imtiaz Ali is clearly keeping his cards close to his chest. There’s much to this ‘Tamasha’ than it meets the eye.  I say don’t fall prey to Tara’s tears yet.  One thing certain though, the film will be purely about these two characters, as the trailer doesn’t reveal any other character. The cast list, too, doesn’t speak of speak of any big name. So, perhaps, there’ll not really be any antagonist in this film.


  1. UTV developing a taste for staged ‘Tamasha’?


Back in August, UTV defied conventional wisdom by venturing into theatre production with the announcement of the desi version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.  The musical will commence from October running across  Dome, NSCI and Thyagraj Theatre in Mumbai and Delhi, respectively.

Tamasha, a film about stage actors,  will release on November 27 and don’t be surprised if Ranbir, Deepika and Imtiaz decide to watch ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The actors from the English musical would benefit immensely with a little bit of ‘Tamasha’ from Ranbir, Deepika & co.

Guess, now we know why UTV has developed this new found liking for theatre.


  1. Mohit Chauhan reunites with his ‘Rockstars’

 Mohit Chauhan not only became the voice of Ranbir in Rockstar, but that was a film that elevated the reticent singer to the numero uno status in playback singing. Irshad Kamil penned painfully magical lyrics, whilst A.R.Rahman blended conventional, classical and even sufi music into ‘Rockstar’. But it was Mohit Chauhan who put his broken heart and soul into every track.

The singer bagged the Filmfare award and host of other awards that year, but unfortunately, for inexplicable reasons, poor Mohit Chauhan hasn’t much home to write about since then.

Chauhan is reunited with his ‘Rockstar’ mates and he’s hope that his derailed career will be rocking again with ‘Tamasha’.


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