Breaking news: Sanjay Dutt seeks parole again

Condemned and ridiculed for being granted unjustified and many paroles, Sanjay Dutt is at it again, Notwithstanding the public and media criticism, Sanjay Dutt and his battery of lawyers have conjured up a brilliant plan, one that will be uncontroversial and backed by all and sundry.

Amidst the various stories surrounding the Bigg Boss Double Trouble tagline, (yours truly breaking the Akshay Kumar being the double in Double Trouble), this piece of news is likely take the cake.

Colors and Bigg Boss are set to throw a huge surprise, one that came uninviting. According to reliable sources, the nation’s most celebrated inmate, Sanjay Dutt has sought yet another parole, but this time not to roam free or spend time with the family, but in stead, Dutt’s offered to lock himself in the Bigg Boss house for the next three months.


After initially rejecting the idea, the court has approved Dutt’s parole provided he pays for the ration of Yerwada jail for the next three months. Manyata Dutt and her twins, too, have given an undertaking that they will not be seen anywhere around the Bigg Boss house.

Guess, who’s taken a cue from Sanjay Dutt. none other than the nation’s most sexiest 50+ buxom babe – Indrani Mukherjea.


Oh, oh, oh, it’s not a bail, but just an ‘alternate stay’. (Disclaimer: not arranged by Stayzilla). So, Mrs.Mukherjea had agreed to pay participation fee that is 9 times more than what she’s paying at the Khar Police Station.  As a fitness freak, she’s ok with just one meal at the Bigg Boss house but all that she wants is the famous ‘sandwitch’. Peter Mukherjea too has given thumbs up the idea. He says, “I don’t care a fuck where you keep Indrani, all i want is that she shouldn’t be anywhere close to me”.

Sanjeev Khanna, Indrani’s first husband, too, demanded a similar alternate stay, but he was rebutted by the new CABtain of Bengal, Sourav Ganguly (Isn’t  Dada more popular than Didi in Bengal?).. Ganguly on his part requested Bigg Boss to lock a former Ozzie in-mate, Greg Chappell.

Well, Khanna and Chappell won’t make for great candidates, but Sanjay Dutt and Indrani Mukherjea will certainly spell ‘Double Trouble’ in Bigg Boss Nau.  Ah ladies, you can run but you can’t  hide.  Over to you Bajrangi Bhaijaan. You think you can handle this ‘Double Trouble’, Salman Khan.

DISCLAIMER: This article is purely a work of fiction, a controversial joke. So, no suits entertained that will lock up this writer even in the Bigg Boss house)


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