Trailer: ‘SPECTRE’ – Shrilled but not spooked!


Trailer: Spectre

Link:Spectre trailer

Duration; 02.25

Director: Sam Mendes

*ing: Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Monica Bellucci

Releasing on October 26th (UK) Nov 20 (India)

The trailer for the much awaited flick of the year, ‘Spectre’, the fourth film featuring Daniel Craig as the iconic character James Bond is out and as expected, it’s created a buzz around the world.

Here are my impressions of the trailer

.1 Spectre looming large 

spectre 1

Staying true to its name, the film’s trailer, like its poster, leaves a gaping hole (with a central C), but doesn’t quite break the glass window.  You can’t kill what you can’t see, the trailer is shrouded in suspense, until the evil is heard in 1 minute.30th second.   Unfortunately, the suspense leading up to the unmasking of the evil is quite elementary.

2 . A classy ‘Spectre’

It was a gambling French in Casino Royale, a environmentalist Bolivian in Quantum of Solace,  a scarred Spanish psycho in Skyfall, and now Spectre appears to have a German antagonist, who along with the Russians, are the favourite whipping boys of Hollywood.  There’s one difference though to Franz Oberhauser, unlike his predecessors, Oberhauser comes across as very classy English speaking German villain. Often such classy and cerebral assassins are associated with Arthur Conan Doyle’s James Moriarty, who plays Game of Shadows with the equally cerebral but the righteous Sherlock Holmes. (Ironically, Andrew Scott who played Moriarty in the last TV series Sherlock, is among the baddies in Spectre) Oberhauser doesn’t seem to have the idiosyncrasies of his processors, but then again, this is just the trailer, one never knows there could be a ruthless Nazi flowing through the veins of Oberhauser..

Interestingly, German-Austrian actor Christoph Waltz isn’t new to the Bond franchise having played a German spy in the 1989 television film Goldeneye. But that is all known about that series. What perhaps goes against Waltz is that he’s played a classic English speaking German in The Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained before. Hope Waltz will have much more to offer in Spectre.

3. Bond the bodyguard again

Now, I confess to not having read any Bond book, but having seen the last three three Bond films, we find Agent 007 saving a damsel in distress – be it Vesper Lind (Casino Royale), Camille Montes (Quantum of Solace) and the boss Madame M (Skyfall). And now seen from the trailer, Bond is trying to save Dr.Swann (Lea Seydoux) in Spectre. Wonder whether this bodyguard act is a common feature to all Bond books, but do the film-makers really need to go by the book in every Bond flick?

4.ORGY holiday in Mexico; but where the Bellucci smooooooch?

Daniel Craig isn’t all about brawn, but there’s banter to him in the early bond films too. In  Skyfall, he stunned all with the ‘what a waste of a scotch’ remark discounting the dead belly of sexy Severine, who’s life had hinged on the tiny glass of scotch placed on her head.  That humour is taken to a kinky level in ‘Spectre’ when Bond defends his slam bang in Mexico as ‘I was taking some ORGY holiday’.  It not only evoked a wry smile but perhaps, there’ll be those like yours truly who have the  ‘bit in their tongue’ moment’ upon hearing, ‘ I was taking some ORGY holiday. GUAU, take me to Mexico.

One would have expected shots of steamy scenes, so while there’s a blink-and-you-miss kiss with Lea, sadist fans would be disappointed not see Bond smooch Bellucci.

5. Daredevilry unlimited

The very fact that the last three Bonds films have shaken the box-office is primarily due to the breathtaking, death defining stunts. The memorable ones being the marathon chase, flying through terraces (Quantum of Solace), boarding a speedy London tube, escaping the noose of the raging tube, the combating on a train(Skyfall) or the ‘hold onto to your breath ‘ under water action from Casino Royale These high-octane scenes gave you the goose bumps, they had you jump from your seats and marvel at the daredevilry of the actors.

With Spectre, it looks like Craig and the villains have raised the bar. Jaw dropping Nascar-like car chases, being hounded at by low-flying Cesna, turning turtle chopper, and clinging onto it, Sam Mendes seems to have taken this daredevilry to an insane level. No wonder Daniel Craig rightly said that he’ll slash his wrist if he’s asked to do another Bond film.

In the final analysis, the trailer for Spectre is full of action, but may be low on substance, chiefly what appears to be repetitive script and a predictable antagonist. To sum it in Bond parlance, the trailer has you ‘shaken’ but not ‘stirred’.. In ‘Spectre’ terminology,that would be ‘shrilled but not spooked’.


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