Trailer: ‘Dilwale’ – No heart, just heart ache

Film: Dilwale


Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon

Director: Rohit Shetty

Trailer link:

Release date: 18th December, 2015

In the age of over zealous PR machinery, a film attracts eyeballs even before the first look is unveiled. And if that film features superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, then the curiosity built around the film knows no bounds. So, in the run up to the trailer release of director Rohit Shetty’s much hyped  flick Dilwale, the PR machinery had the world believe that ‘Dilwale’ is likely to be Rohit Shetty’s ode to the 1995 classic ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’, a film that conquered the nation’s heart, while SRK and Kajol were billed as a reel pair made in heaven. Anecdotes from ‘Dilwale Duhaniya Le Jayenge’ featured in most top publications, with the most notable one being how Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t sure that Kajol would be the right choice to play Simran.

To the credit of the marketing team and PR machinery of ‘Dilwale’, they’ve successfully managed to usher in a great sense of nostalgia, but, post the unveiling of the trailer, it would be blasphemous to even draw the slightest of comparisons with the immortal beings of  ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ . 

Here are my impressions of the trailer

.1 Dilwale minus the heart and soul

Given the fact the director of the film is Rohit Shetty, I never expected the trailer to bowl me over, but neither did I think that it would turn to be a sham. Disappointingly, I’ve watched the trailer on a day when the good physician has warned me to clear my heart of excess cholesterol or run the risk of an heart attack. Sadly, the ‘Dilwale’ trailer has only caused more  heart ache. In a nutshell, one fears that like its trailer, the film too is likely to be devoid of any heart or soul.

2. Apt picture for 4K TV screen display?

Shortly after picking my health check report, I proceeded to a noted electronic shop in search of large screen LED LCD HD TV. Through my experience at few electronics stores, I found that most TV screens on display play HD feeds of factual entertainment channels (The Discoverys, NGCs, Animal Planets’) These channels are drenched in colours of nature, so when displayed on larger than life HD screens, they are a perfect treat for the sore eyes, and very enticing purchases too.

If electronic store dealers showcase ‘Dilwale’, trailer there’s a strong possibility that the TV sets could sell like pan cakes. No, the film doesn’t have prowling felines, but the vivid colors in various scenes would perhaps make ‘Dilwale’ great to watch on these display screens. Shot in exotic locales, ‘Dilwale’ trailer begins with SRK flaunting his inimitable romantic call of embrace atop a wreckage (broken heart?) of a plane (not MH-370) all set against the backdrop of blue skies, sun beating through the clouds, lengthening shadows. Whoa! True blue to be true.

Few seconds later, we have Kajol wrapped in a desert brown saree, perhaps stranded in a valley surrounded by deserted peaks. If you blink, then you’d perhaps save yourself from the bright as sun saree, which immediately follows the deserted look. Oh, boy, then we have the love birds running onto water before crashing into each others arms like waves to a rock. Moments later, you find SRK and Kajol romancing on a bed full of rocks. A flash of sun light beams through your screen, and then from the warmth of bed rocks, the love birds are melting each others hearts on ice sheets in frozen, god forsaken lake. If you thought that was enough, then the very picture has our man dressed in black vests, red shoes, while the lady is seen in a largely black and orange gown of the size of a blue whale, both perched on a a boat sailing across the black sea? Some of these exotic, UNBELIEVABLE scenes do repeat later, making you wonder whether the 3 minute 15 second trailer is an exercise in promoting exotic Europe. The sheer colors on display makes ‘Dilwale’ trailer an apt choice for 4k, LED TV display in the ‘Chromas (pun intended), Ezones, ‘Kohinoors’ stores of  India.

4. Varun and Kriti – Just know your role and shut your mouth’

With Shah Rukh and Kajol on board, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon were going to be dwarfed in the trailer, but one sure didn’t expect them to be muted and dumb too. As I recollect Varun Dhawan has two nonsensical dialogues, whilst Kriti has just one honest but inate dialogue. From the look of it, it seems apparent that Varun is playing younger brother to a don SRK, and perhaps like big brother, he too had to sacrifice his love.  Wonder then, what really is this ‘Dilwale’ made up of?

5. Lever ban gaya Johnny; Boman copying Anthony Gomes?

He’s undoubtedly a great actor, but honestly speaking Johnny Lever is not funny any more. Blame it on the lack of good writers/directors, who still think that Johnny Lever’s face is enough to evoke laughter on many faces. With a lone line of ‘Tu aadmi nahi farishtey hai’, and some blah blah, one ponders whether is this Johnny Lever’s best dialogue from the film? For Christ’s sake, Rohit please don’t make a ‘Johnny out of Johnny’. Do you concur Shahid?

Like Johnny Lever, poor Boman Irani, too,utters a nonsensical joke. The only thing eye catching about Boman is his white hat and suit reminiscent of Don Anthony Gomes (Goga Kapoor ) from Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na. I wonder whether King Khan has given Rohit Shetty  the licence to poke fun at all his classic films and their characters

5. Dilwale ya ‘Carwale’?

Can a Rohit Shetty film be complete without fancy cars turning turtles? For all its romantic title, ‘Dilwale’ isn’t just about benevolent/broken hearts, the ‘Dilwalahs’ drive fancy colorful cars, and they love crashing ’em too. And it’s just not in action, but we see love struck SRK and Kajol spinning their cars on cliff too. Whoa! She drives me crazy, and I can’t help… sorry handle myself’.

The above impressions are enough to suggest that ‘Dilwale’ is yet another typical Rohit Shetty film, one devoid of script, logic, but filled with an overdose of melodrama, buffoonery, and over the top action.

A day before the trailer was launched, SRK had tweeted a half picture of the poster, where all that one could see was Kajol covering Varun’s eyes with her hand, while a girlish hand (Kriti  Sanon) wrapping her fingers around Kajol’s eyes. When the picture unravelled, Varun placed his hand over SRK’s eyes, whilst King Khan’s palm has turned Kriti into a one-eyed beauty. Phew! Perhaps, the actors themselves didn’t have the vision nor courage to see their own trailer. Well, but then again, come 18th December, the crores of innocent hearts will block every seat in the theatres. No one loses his/her sleep with the criticism of one trailer by this writer.


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