I, Cupid, killed my love

woman arrow

He came to heal his heel
But left her shores bewitched by her healing touch
She cured the mortal pain, but struck the immortal heart
Sweet joy of pain, flowed through his veins
Oh my Lord, leave me sore again

I long to see her soul
Gaze upon those hazel eyes
Without her sight, my life such an eye sore

Many a spring went by
Then came a call of the scroll
Inscribed on leaves, no mere deeds
But seeds of wisdom sown so deep
Fruits of which shared by humanity

A faith so strong
One that bound her with an unfaithful
Yet she embraced the devil as her destiny

There was he basking in his sweet joy of pain
All to gaze upon those hazel eyes
The immoral one, I took up her faith
Frail hope, longing to sow my seeds of love

Day by day, prayer by prayer
She chanted her faith, while he was enchanted by her
A wise woman , she knew what’s in his heart
He, too, gripped by the immoral fear

He didn’t master faith, but mustered some courage
Bear his heart out, poured his soul
The cupid had fired his arrow
It struck her but didn’t pierce her heart

She felt touched, all humbled by his love
But tied by destiny, and bound by faith
She would never tread on streets of immorality
Her faith too strong but not one to change her destiny

Juliet she was, but he no Romeo
Walls of morality too high to breach
He would make a cry but
She shied away from his fantasy

A woman of dignity, a compassionate soul
Beyond faith , she had nothing to give
His loved seemed nothing but fait accompli
Yet he dared to dream
Fool he was, did a foolish thing
Fired an arrow, thinking it was sent from Cupid
Struck it did but not where the heart desired
The devil got a whiff of Romeo’s motif

Gripped by fear, he fled the scene
Unmindful of what fate awaited Juliet
Far he ran from the devil’s lair
Then it struck him
Did I leave my Juliet in the lurch?

Ran he back to her dungeon
No devil in sight but
There laid in a pool of blood his Juliet
No sin done by any Satan
But her heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow

There she was all motionless
Romeo all shaken couldn’t wake her love again
He fell on her cold feet
No tears, no prayers could bring Juliet back again

All that left was a cry
Oh Lord, I, Cupid killed my Love
I, Cupid killed my love!


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